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We went to a swingers club in Dorest the one year, it was out of this world, the people we met were great people but they were crazy in the bedroom apartment. The older couple were from Bournemouth and they were filthy! but still a great laugh. We have real older sex contacts from all over Dorest including towns like Ashley Heath and Broadstone, Dorchester and Christchurch and even Weymouth and Poole. Below are a few sample ads taken at random.

Jacqueline, born 1957 from Bridport, Dorset

mature housewife looking for single w/e man for fun times and friendship you must be non pushy and just your average type of guyI'm called jacqueline and I come from Dorset. I`m hoping that this site will allow me to meet a sexy bloke that more or less matches my traits. Without a doubt, most people normally see me as shy. I suppose I would describe my physique as medium and I think you`d have to agree that I`m probably fuckable too. My ideal match must have something in common with me, so you might like to know that I love social drinking. View photo

Bett, born 1969 from Bournemouth, Dorset

People think I`m virginal on the outside, but really I`m quite disgustingly dirty on the inside.I suppose I`m really looking for a bit of sexy NSA fun. Nothing too hard, nothing too dangerous, just a bit of larking around.I look a lot younger than I actually am and so dressing me up in school uniform could be just the thing you`re looking for.If I was to describe myself in three words I`d say "hot, moist and wet".It doesn`t take much to turn me on, but dressing up in a medical or police officer outfit just does it over and over again.Like most people on this site, I want a fuck buddy - someone I can call up when I`m hot and horny and with whom to get down and very dirty with at a moments notice.Really, we`re looking for another couple or single individuals that want to spice up their dull sex life and live a spicy new experience.Email me if you`re feeling hot and horny and wanna get down and dirty.. View photo

Elle, born 1970 from Ringwood, Dorset

New to the area, new to the UK! Looking for fun and adventure. Evenings? Weekends?Let me introduce myself my name`s Elle I live in Dorset, UK - England. At the end of the day I`m looking for a sexy bloke, so why not read a little more about me and find out if you`re the one for me. Without a doubt, most people normally see me as . In terms of build, most people reckon I`m perfectly formed and I like to think of myself as slutty-looking. View photo

Summer, born 1969 from Dorchester, Dorset

Im looking for a man that can fulfil my every need. I suppose I`m really looking for a bit of sexy NSA fun. Nothing too hard, nothing too dangerous, just a bit of larking around. i like a man to be a man the rough and ready type.That`s about it really. If you`re up for some good old-fashioned fun and casual sex, let`s hook up and do it today. View photo

Jane, born 1971 from Sturminster Newton, Dorset

Looking for reasonably attractive man over 5ft 9 and under 50 who knows his way around a womans body to show me a good time while my husband watches.I`d better start by telling you my name - Jane I'm just a short distance away in Dorset. I hope to find a great bloke with balls on this website in a very short space of time. Whether I`m having a good or bad day you would probably always class me as practical. Not that I think a person`s body is necessarily important, but if I was to describe my body shape I would have to say that it`s just right. What`s more, I like to think I`m big turn-on too. My ideal match must have something in common with me, so you might like to know that I love sports or keep fit. View photo

These are just a few of the sample ads posted by real sex contacts in the Dorset area. For more sexy adverts please click the link below!

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Dating an older woman

There was a time when dating an older woman was frowned up going both ways. Young men were laughed at by their peers and older women were scorned by theirs. Somewhere along the way it all changed though. Nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable and usually celebrated to date an older woman or for a mature babe to date a young man.
Dating for older women
It used to be that dating for older women was tough. Young guys would completely ignore them because it just wasn’t cool to be with an older woman, despite all the sexual knowledge she might have. Older guys are almost always looking for younger women. It was a challenge. The internet changed all that though. Now older women can look far and wide for a man.

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